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Join us in our Prevention Movement to help families talk about the essential issues in their lives with the people that matter most.

Welcome to the Essential Conversations Project.

We train Professionals who are ready to change the world.

Families are seeking guidance when discussing life transitions, such as retirement, business succession, caregiving, living arrangements, estates and Wills, and end-of-life plans.

Helping them to create plans together is our goal.

Our Essential Conversations Project Facilitator training starts with a 3-day course to learn the methodology and techniques for guiding more effective conversations with families.  Then, we provide one-on-one coaching for a practicum with 3 families to hone your skills with hands-on experience.  Once Designated, you are invited to join our growing community to continue learning, sharing, and networking to help sustain your practice.

Here’s what becoming an Essential Conversations Project® Designated FacilitatorTM
will mean for your career…

Connect with like-minded professionals

Our continually growing network of business professionals is focused on preventing family crisis.  This collaborative community gives you access to shared expertise in a variety of industries.

Improve skills and capabilities

Through specialized training and coaching, learn to guide families to have more effective communication when solving aging issues.

Offer more value to clients

Gain access to current information, relevant resources, and knowledgeable people who are part of your growing network.

Build a sustainable practice

Our network partner businesses want to see families succeed.  Having access to their referrals eases your search for clients, giving you an excellent avenue for business growth.

Make a positive impact

Our Designated Facilitators help families move past emotional barriers to have open and productive dialogue, so that unique solutions can be discovered, together.


Discover growth opportunities.

‘Boomers’ need to make decisions for their own futures in mid-life and beyond.  Many also want help balancing the needs of an older relative. Facilitating Essential Conversations puts you at the forefront of reaching into this aging market.


Global Population aged 60+ by 2050


Care provided by un-paid family caregivers


People who should make plans for life transitions

We believe every family deserves an Essential ConversationTM

Just some of our Partners

The ECP Model is very well suited to the work I do with family businesses.  It is very rewarding work to bring people together to resolve differences, conflicts, or misunderstandings and to help them forge a new way of being and working together.

Rilla Clark
Designated Facilitator
Lasting Change

I already had my successful business for several years before I found the Essential Conversations method.  This process is straightforward and intuitive and the families I’ve worked with have benefited tremendously.

Lorraine Clemes
Designated Facilitator
Life Design Consultants

Helping families find their own solutions to the issues they face is such great work to do.  I see the reaction and delight when people come together to help each other and strengthen relationships – it’s so fulfilling!

Lauren Brett-Randolph
Designated Facilitator
The Cartwheel Coach

After so many years of doing social work and watching families struggle to solve problems while in crisis, I’m so happy to have found this training.  I’m helping people be much more proactive and it’s a joy when they are so thankful for the help.

Joan Cass
Designated Facilitator
Mutual Understandings

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